About Us


M-Tech was established in 2005 by Paul McMorran, a well known and respected technician having previously owned and grown from scratch another local VW Audi specialist garage. He has now built M-Tech into a successful business with a continued following of loyal customers, some since he started the business in 1989. Paul and Adam are able to provide expertise and quality workmanship to their customers, a rare find these days.

M-Tech’s new purpose built premises in West Stour, with prime A30 roadside positioning, will not disappoint anyone wishing to call in to ‘have a look round’ and meet the team. It boasts a brand new MOT station equipped to carry out class 4 & class 7 MOT’s, three lifts with the capacity to carry up to 5-tonne vehicles and a comfortable reception area where you can view your vehicle being worked on. With workshop floor covered with porcelain tiles, a lot of natural light coming into the building and high specification insulation throughout the building it certainly is a nice place to work. After all top technicians demand a quality working environment.

M-Tech invests heavily in new equipment and training for its staff ensuring that their customer has access to the latest technology and best practices. We strive to keep costs competitively priced and ensure all our work is carried out to the highest standard. With the combination of 55 years from its experienced and skilled technicians, M-Tech is able to provide a rare combination of an efficient and highly professional service to customers and their vehicles.

What Makes M-Tech Different and Better?



Can’t be without a car? When you pre-book your appointment with us we can offer you a courtesy car.


Know your technician

From initial booking the same technician will work on and hand your car back at the end of the day.


Competitive pricing

Our costs are kept competitively priced whilst ensuring all work is carried out to the highest standard.


Comfy Reception

Wait in our comfy reception area with a hot drink where you can view your vehicle being worked on.

MOT'S CLASS 4 & 7 with certification in the latest regulations and brand new test equipment for class 4 & 7 vehicles M-Tech will provide you with a first class service